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Rushcliffe Solar started as a Transition West Bridgford campaign to encourage greater use of Photovoltaic home power generation systems in Rushcliffe borough, but we are always willing to answer an enquiry from other towns in the region. There are many buildings and entire streets with roofs which have a good view of the Sun and could produce power for the Grid and Income for the occupants. Hit the You Enquire tab to get a free appraisal of the photovoltaic potential for your building. Email:
If you are thinking about it, do not be put off by recent changes in the tariff!: Since April 2012, the tariff was reduced to 21 pence/unit and ones on poorly insulated buildings get only 9 pence/unit. There have been further reductions since. Use the Expertsure calculator to check out your house and see if it is still worth doing.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Loan Scheme for householders - perhaps....

The Guardian has a good article on a new Loan scheme for householders, based on Pay as you Earn from your Feed in Tariff. This is not zero interest, but is low interest, similar to Mortgage rates (which are cheaper than normal bank loans.) And you would still experience much reduced electricity bills, as I do now.
But before you go ahead, note that the article points out that the scheme will take time to go through, and would not complete until after the General Election.
The feed in tariff is agreed by all parties, so that is not affected.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Feed in Tariff replaces grants

Feb 2010: At the time of going to press, Rushcliffe Reports was correct in urging people to hurry to get PV panels installed to get both the Grant and the Tariff.
But shortly after, the government announced that the Feed in Tariff fully replaces the grant - with immediate effect.
    However, do not be disheartened. It is often the effect that after a subsidy is lifted, the market mechanisms adjust, suppliers become more competitive and the cost evens out. In likelihood, this is going to happen because the Feed in Tariff is bringing a rush of business enabling the industry to lower its prices and admit more companies who are competing.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sudden Surge of interest

Since the item in Rushcliffe Reports, publicising the feed in tariffs etc, there has been a sudden Surge of interest in Photovoltaic roofs, and my mailbox is filling. Please allow me time to cope with this. I will try to get an individual answer to each request.

By the way, the SUNBOX project on my house is working (this is solar heat being pumped deep into the earth for retrieval by heatpump) and can be read about on Whoever heard of a house being heated partially with 'swimming pool panels' ? Well, the panels pump the equivalent of a kilowatt for several hours a day deep into the ground. The heat pump gets that heat out later.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jeremy Leggett replies to Monbiot

I am glad to see that Jeremy Leggett has provided a spirited reply to George Monbiot's misleading article; you can read it at:
We do not regret our PV at all, it is pumping electricity into the grid very well. In March we have already equalled the whole of February's harvest by the 9th of March - more than 3 weeks to go yet!
In September, I am planning to add another 3 panels on my south wall.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brignall takes the boot out!

Miles Brignall has a long report in the Guardian Money section, following the announcement of the Feed in tariffs and now the scheme of loans for householders. The cost of installation can be met from the future Feed in Tariff earnings. These, the responsibility and the loan, can be passed on to the inheritors/ buyers of the house if you move on.
  Read the article and give it some good thought. It makes huge sense, and is a good riposte to the destructive article by Monbiot.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Monbiot puts the boot in

I have never disagreed with Georges Monbiot before. But in an article in the Guardian, he has written a horrible diatribe against solar PV which of course throws comfort to the deniers, and conveniently ignores arguments which dent his. I will try to answer some of these, but to place a responding comment on the Guardian website you have to register and create a new password etc, which is so tiresome.
      His argument is typical of those who have come round to the idea of reviving Nuclear power, and is in favour of highly centralised power plants, or offshore windfarms. I cannot believe the naivety of one of his arguments which is similar to the right wing "if you give child benefit to the poor they will only spend it on drink" - in which he argues that you could be paying feed in tariff to families living in uninsulated houses, when they should be spending it on insulation. The reality (which he ignores) is that PV is something that highly conscientious people fit after they have already done the easy things like insulation and double glazing.
  I may add more.. but I am getting ready for an early start in the morning to go to EcoBuild.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Please support early adopters
Please support Microgenerators who had the foresight and generosity to install PV panels or wind turbines earlier than July 2009, but now are penalised with a lousy feedin tariff. Please sign the Petition to the Govt.
I nearly installed these 3 years ago, but was put off by the poor feed in tariff then. But for people who invested at a time when their main purpose was altruistic (because the return was nothing, and the capital cost was higher) this is incredibly unfair.

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