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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cleaning your Solar Panels

12 April '11: Karina Wells writes: Brian comes to the rescue!

I have been trying to find someone who could wash and clean my solar panels but to no avail.
Then yesterday it struck me that we have a steeple jack in our skills exchange group. I asked him if he would be willing to give it a go. Armed with very long ladders, a HA-RA window washer and cleaning product (all totally Eco friendly) he set off to tackle a job no one else wanted to do.

Within an hour the job was done and the sun could shine again. The dirt that came off it was amazing and the difference between the panels washed and those that were not made me realize how important it was to do. Thank you so much Brian you have now got another string to your bow.

Probably the best PV solar panel cleaner in town!

To contact Brian call him on 07974550118
or email :

PS, DNC writes: Some of them he did from a ladder, and some from the Velux Rooflight in the loft. Don't try this yourself unless very very confident at heights, and well equipped and insured.

PPS, DNC writes: It has been pointed out by one of the commenters below that most PV panels have a delicate coating, and anything abrasive in the brush or the water or detergent could be harmful to the hydrophobic surface finish on the panels. Google for 'Lotus Effect' to see how the very best panels throw off both water and dirt. As my Sharp panels are still clean after two years of exposure, I have assumed that the surface is working!

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