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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Electrical generation in Broxtowe, Nottingham

April 2013: It is good to see St Anns, a district of Nottingham making a news item on a website covering sustainable topics world wide. One small problem - it is not St Anns, it is Fenwick Rd in Broxtowe.
Image from Sustainable Cities Collective website by photographer Michael Jenkins
"When you think of tough neighbourhoods and burroughs like the Bronx in New York, or St Ann’s in Nottingham, you don’t necessarily equate them with energy efficient living. If you consider it living at all, it is most certainly not energy efficient living. However, it is in Nottingham, England that the city council has made an innovative move in making homes in this, once slum but heavily low socioeconomic, area highly sustainable and energy efficient."
Actually, the photograph and the installation is in Broxtowe, in Fenwick Road and Close.
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