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Rushcliffe Solar started as a Transition West Bridgford campaign to encourage greater use of Photovoltaic home power generation systems in Rushcliffe borough, but we are always willing to answer an enquiry from other towns in the region. There are many buildings and entire streets with roofs which have a good view of the Sun and could produce power for the Grid and Income for the occupants. Hit the You Enquire tab to get a free appraisal of the photovoltaic potential for your building. Email:
If you are thinking about it, do not be put off by recent changes in the tariff!: Since April 2012, the tariff was reduced to 21 pence/unit and ones on poorly insulated buildings get only 9 pence/unit. There have been further reductions since. Use the Expertsure calculator to check out your house and see if it is still worth doing.

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28 Sept 2010: Nottingham Evening Post Comment: Bright start for Solar Rushcliffe
THE Solar Rushcliffe project in West Bridgford has made a great start in getting people switched on to the idea of green energy.

Many people like the thought of installing solar panels at home to generate energy, but can be deterred by the seeming complexity of it all.

The large set-up costs can also be off-putting without someone impartial to explain how it can be a worthwhile investment.

But with free help and guidance from Rushcliffe Solar, thousands of people are finding out how they can benefit from being environmentally friendly, while saving large amounts on their bills.

The fact Solar Rushcliffe is now offering its help to residents across Nottingham after a successful start in West Bridgford has got to be welcomed – as it could give many more people the helping hand they need to embrace green energy.

The full text of the article is here, by Job Robinson, Photo by Jemma Cox.

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